Alfalfa House - Community Project with an Edge

This small community shop design project demonstrates two important things about Architecture. First, intelligent, pragmatic and beautiful design is not about money; good design is achievable, even on the tightest budget. And second, that one of markers of effective architecture is how well it translates a client’s culture and values into reality.

On both counts, this small project for Alfalfa House, in Sydney’s inner west has proven a success.

The redesign of Alfalfa House, directed by Dunn & Hillam within the AIA Mentoring program involved collaboration with UNSW architecture students Tim Elliot and Morgan Carson at both design and construction phases.

Alfalfa House had a tiny construction budget of approximately $20,000 - all of which was crowd funded. The team has produced a space that received tremendous feedback from the client group and customers ranging from ‘good to ecstatic,’ to quote the Store Manager. Visitors to the store feel the warmth of a project many of them had a hand in. 

Photography Cath Muscat

Axonometric 3-02.jpg