Desert House - A Triumph of Green Design

Built in the shade of it’s own fly-roof, this heavily insulated desert house has no thermal bridging, instead, drawing cool air from the shaded earth below it. The house has won multiple awards for its state-of-the-art green design.

The landscape of Alice Springs is awesome.  The ancient ridge-lines of the West MacDonnell ranges and the rough terraces of the site itself had equal impact on the design of this house.  A tough outer skin shields a glazed inner courtyard which moderates the scale and impact of climate and landscape when necessary.  Because the weather is not always awful. In fact, often it is crisp, dry and mildly warm. The nights are clear, the stars are phenomenal. 

The design aims to make the best of living in this place.  The clients love the desert, they love the vast views, they love the warmth.  And when the weather turns foul they wanted to deal with that in the smartest way possible, actively seeking to demonstrate an innovative approach to housing not only in the desert but throughout the world.

The house is a refuge from and a frame for the landscape it is part of.

2015 NT Architecture Awards, Residential Architecture - Houses (new) - Award

2014 NT Architecture Awards, Sustainable Architecture - Winner

2014 NT Architecture Awards, Residential Architecture - Houses (new) - Commendation 

2014 Houses Awards, New House over 200sqm - Commendation