Sydney’s Award Winning Architects

Dunn & Hillam Architects produce sophisticated, innovative and award-winning architecture for public buildings and places, private residences and like-minded commercial organisations and developers.


We are known for our experience and management of construction, our value-adding solutions and our understanding of the complex and integrated processes of planning, designing and building. Our buildings derive their beauty from a strong response to context, site and climate, inspirational and clever spatial design and thoughtful construction and detailing. We are award winning architects and value cross-disciplinary research, collaboration, evidence and experimentation in our design process.

Dunn & Hillam Architects were established in 2001 and work on projects throughout Australia including the Northern Territory, the South Coast and Riverina areas of NSW. We are A+ members of the Australian Institute of Architects and are proud to be a certified B Corp. We are involved in teaching, advocacy and in the general culture of architecture and design and believe in architecture as an agent for positive change. 

Our clients include the Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, the NSW Departments of Arts and Culture, Infrastructure and Justice, Junee Shire Council, Colliers International, National Parks and Wildlife, the RSPCA, Camden Council, Artspace, The City Recital Hall and Ngurratjuta/ Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation as well as numerous residential and community organisation clients.

Award Winning Architects

Collaborative Design

Design is a collaborative process that should foster partnerships and listen to the voices of everyone. Architecture is a profession that is across many disciplines. It integrates urban design, construction, engineering, project management, landscape design, research, government policy, and art. Genuine collaboration with clients, consultants and councils and effective stakeholder engagement ensures a successful project that is grown from and owned by the community it serves.

Listen, Learn and Think Radically

Strategic thinking and research should lead every project. The best results can sometimes be found in unexpected places and by listening carefully to the people involved in the project and by watching closely the way places are used we tend to uncover radically simple solutions. We are not afraid to recommend an action plan of small, quiet tweaks creating maximum impact or broad-scale answers that no one else saw.

The Culture of Architecture

Architecture is focussed on creating beautiful buildings and urban places for everyone and is ultimately about creating a framework for individual and civic life. Good architects are involved in the architectural culture , through teaching, building, research and advocacy because they believe in spreading the positive impact of good design and creative thinking. Dunn & Hillam is a registered B Corporation, an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects and we volunteer our time to many events and organisations.

Good Design is Sustainable

The environment and its resources are finite and all design should be considered as part of our strategy for a sustainable life. There is no fixed aesthetic to green design; it is rather a commitment to using our resources as cleverly as we can. That might mean refurbishing an old building rather than knocking it down, or planning flexible spaces to be as useful to as many people as possible over the long term.

Architecture is a Force for Good

Architecture is spatial and three dimensional. Its success lies in its fundamental ability to shape the perception and emotive response of the public. Good architecture does not become obsolete or out of fashion. It should work with the past and anticipate the future – it contributes positively to our cities, communities, towns and landscapes in ways that are lasting and positive. Most of all it creates a sense of place, and belonging, for the people who live and work and play in it.

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The Dunn & Hillam Blog

The Dunn & Hillam Blog


Future-proof Design in Urban NSW

Future-proof Design in Urban NSW

Mezzanine - Cold Rush, Climate Control in Architecture

Mezzanine - Cold Rush, Climate Control in Architecture

Award Winning Sydney Architects

residential, tourism accommodation, multi residential

Our residential projects are located all over Australia. Each project is crafted to the site and the clients but they all have in common the desire to make life easier, to have less impact and to accommodate the changing needs of the inhabitants over time. We work on single dwellings, beach house designs, alterations and additions, multi-residential and tourism accommodation projects. We have won many awards for our residential design, including Australian House of the Year in 2014 for the Dogtrot House.

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Award Winning Architects - Commercial, Public and Heritage Projects

public, heritage and commercial

We create architecture, strategic frameworks, masterplans and support capital funding bids and business plans for councils, schools, government departments and developers particularly in the arts, culture, environment and nature tourism sectors. We were awarded the NSW Premiers Prize for our Junee Library Design.

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awards & press

We care about good design. We are award winning architects and our projects have appeared in several media publications, like this one.


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