Knauf Dine Hear

Mohr Fish is a small seafood restaurant in an old corner butchers shop. The beautiful traditional tiles remain. The fit out is minimal. There are no bookings and the pub across the road is the waiting room. Simple. 

We aim to install crescent shaped acoustic baffles ('fish'), grouping in places where noise penetrates the main dining space; the door to the kitchen and the door to the street. The effect will be as if there are a school of fish swimming as one co-operative mass, we, the diners sit below them, as on the bottom of the ocean. They squeeze through the doorways and bulge out into the main space, appearing as if they are always flowing onwards. 

The fish do not interfere. They do not attempt to fix what is not broken. All else about Mohr Fish remains as it it. Except the noise. 

Dunn & Hillam were shortlisted for this competition.