Ormiston Creek Camping Ground: Masterplan and Visitor Facilities

Tyurretye / West MacDonnell National Park, NT


This project sets out to find ways to accommodate visitors to Tyurretye / West MacDonnell National Park which are in keeping with the values of the UNESCO World Heritage listing application, to enhance visitors experience and to protect the natural and cultural value of the park for the future. 

The Tyurretye / West MacDonnell National Park is an area of incomparable beauty with cultural and environmental importance. The park is popular with both local, national and international tourists and is a key piece on the Red Centre Way tourism route.


The design of a new camping area in a wilderness area must embrace and balance a number of conflicting ideals. First hand experience and appreciation of wilderness areas by the world's population is integral to their ongoing protection. It is also true that all visitors want to feel as if they are alone in this remote wilderness and be able to appreciate the scale and the age of the land. 

In June of this year, after a year of careful investigation and design Ashley Dunn presented our proposal to the stakeholders. Our proposal was met with resounding positivity and is currently awaiting funding for construction. 

 "The department (NT Department of Infrastructure) and the client were very please to have been able to work with Dunn & Hillam Architects and I would have no reservations awarding further contracts to them should the opportunity present itself in the near future."

Karl Micek, Project Manager