Whale Watching House

The Whale Watching House is a re-working of a three bedroom fibro house, which sat on a point of land opposite a whale watching platform. It looked over the ocean, yet seemed uninterested in the sea or the passing whales.  The house, while well built and efficiently planned, needed improvements to the sustainability, energy use and comfort, to expand to take a family of six and to address both the good and bad of the location out on the point (good; the horizon, the light, the smells of the sea, the view of the incoming storm. bad; the wind, the wind, the wind).

The Whale Watching House is one of our favourite beach house designs. It has been designed with the needs of a wheelchair bound client in mind, but also for teenagers and their parents, and for deckchairs, sand, wet towels, mosquitoes and barbecues! It has also been designed with thought given to our finite resources.  It plays carefully and thoughtfully with the paired ideas of shelter / privacy and view / exposure. 

It is a house recycled and brought from the 1950’s into today and it’s new form should see it providing shelter well into the future.